Watch Closely, 2019

Welcome to Standing Cedars Workshop! As you may have noticed, we are in the early stages of development. Fret not, we have some exciting adventures planned for 2019 and we can’t wait to share our progress.

The first step will be launching the gift shop! We love wood, and we love handmade. There’s also something great about adding that little extra charm to life. Perhaps it’s that tiny hand-carved spoon resting in your sugar bowl or that old cutting board you couldn’t live without. Whatever you fancy, expect it to be made by our hands and from our land.

Next, the real fun begins! We are working diligently to develop the most practical, sustainable, and rugged campers; chock-full of thoughtful design solutions you won’t want to travel without. We’ve made it a point to draw from our travel experience and our dedication to living within nature responsibly and comfortably.

We are very excited to bring you Standing Cedars Workshop in 2019, subscribe below for our monthly newsletter if you’d like to follow along; we promise not to over-send but we will try to entertain and amaze. Cheers to an exciting new year for everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to visit us!

Standing Cedars Crew