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Elm Tree Story Booth

A ten-foot, hand-built elm-shaped tree phone booth retrofitted with a digital recording device open for public discourse on personal interactions with nature. Don’t be shy, step inside!

Standing Cedars Workshop was commissioned by the Natural Heritage Project, an organization that views the arts as the context where the most visionary and empathetic approaches to urgent ecological challenges should be explored and shared. They are the best at creating interactive, experience-based exhibits and the Elm Tree Story Booth is an example of the type of projects they like to do! It was an absolute pleasure to work with them and I hope you check them out and follow along!


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Art Lab Rx

Standing Cedars Workshop built an entirely custom interior for a repurposed tour bus, outfitted with eight custom-designed art stations for Art Lab Rx, a self-contained mobile mental health facility focusing on art therapy services in a small group setting.